ClearBiz Inc. is an on line educational organization that studies and promotes clarity in business, government, and education with a user friendly economic stabilizing tool. The opaque bureaucratic architecture that history has given us, is broken, and so ClearBiz Inc. is offering public organizations, and private citizens access to credible data that they can use for their education, for their protection, and for social betterment.

Freedom of the Press on Steroids:
The basic philosophy is that individuals are ineffective at providing for themselves, and they are incapable of protecting themselves. They join the bureaucracies for protection or service, and soon find that they need protection from bureaucracies that trend toward unkindness and incompetence. ClearBiz is going to reverse that trend. Every person on the face of the earth already has an invitation to register on clearbiz.org. It is a birthright. On ClearBiz they can speak out against any bureaucratic unkindness and incompetence that puts even one person in danger or denies them opportunity. Seven billion voices will insist that our bureaucracies honor our ancestors, Serve and protect our human family, and open doors to improve the future for the coming generations. Our goal is to stop wars and prevent poverty in the next decade.

Clearbiz.org Guidelines:
Collaborative rules have been established to maintain focus and integrity of the mission, to respect the efforts of our contributors, to afford visitors’ a rewarding experience, and to maintain the veracity of the information.

You may:
Read and search.
Advocate for the vulnerable.
Make your own wiki pages.
Edit wiki pages for clarity,for veracity, and for palatability. Please record changes.
Learn the facts, publish them, and tell how you learned them.
Don’t worry, others will help you fact check.
Use clean descriptive language.

You may not:
Disobey laws.
Advertise or promote commercial sites.
Use profanity.
Use this site for any purpose outside of the ClearBiz.org guidelines.
Use this site to defraud, defame, or impersonate.
Plagiarize copyrighted material.

ClearBiz editors may:
Delete inappropriate material.
Delete users who do not operate within ClearBiz guidelines.

Clearbiz Inc. is a nonprofit Corporation introducing Clear Business Cells to reverse bureaucratic toxicity.