At the center of our humanity is one simple fact. Each of us is relatively incapable of helping ourselves. Other people make almost everything you need. You work for others. They work for you. All efforts. your’s and their’s, benefit our human family, or not. When the efforts are not beneficial, we need to figure out why, and fix the problem. Each article on this website attempts to point out hazards that demean our human family.

As it turns out, there are innumerable bureaucratic interests that are hiding the same knowledge that this site is uncovering. Plenty of effort is being expended to make you feel incapable of learning one simple fact. We care for others. They care for us. If that is not happening, there is something wrong that needs fixing. Somebody’s life, health, and happiness is being discarded. The unnecessary, tragic loss of life is a terrible outcome, caused by a dysfunctional human family.

The knowledge base maintained on this website is maintained for the purpose of eliminating that dysfunction. There is a superstitious idea that dysfunction is a naturally occurring human condition. Those who believe or tolerate this unsubstantiated nonsense can ethically achieve personal gain at the expense of the underserved, the under protected, and the misunderstood. Using this superstition, ethical treatment is conflated to apply only to the “upperclass,” those proven worthy by history, or by deed.

Poverty, depression, war, and injustice have entwined themselves in history for no rational reason. Not a person in our human family is better because of our dysfunction, but those who superstitiously believe they profit from injustice are afraid of curing it.

Bureaucracy is causing dysfunction in the human family. It is using superstitious propaganda to redirect effort from real facts as it casts blame on underserved, under protected people. Our efforts here are to repair the dysfunction. Humanity has the capability to be kind and competent, but it requires a group effort. Superstition divides the group into winners and losers. Only, in a dysfunctional family, there are no winners. There, the divisions are powerful and powerless, but even the powerful are unkind, incompetent, and untrustworthy.

We are better than that. We cannot allow our institutions to operate unkindly or incompetently. Our human family can protect itself from those who would divide it by allowing no division. We share an environment that cares for us, when we care for it. Each of us has an opportunity to care for our human environment,  and protect it. If you do not stop superstition from burning your neighbor’s house, can you reasonably expect them to stop it from burning your’s?