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Rolfe Ericson 2014/11/06 20:34

Love is an integral naturally existing, economic resource. It is the foundation of its meaning and purpose. Economics is all people caring for and protecting all other people. It is the antithesis of letting people harm themselves, harm others, suffer, or be humiliated.

A healthy population loves itself. It is safe. It exudes diligence, competence, kindness, and joy. Economics is how it accomplishes that. Without economics the health of humanity suffers. The characteristics associated with good health suffer in the shadow of economic dysfunction.

Individuals are incapable of caring for themselves. Typically they are vain, selfish, foolish, and greedy. Others' love for them, as well as their love for others apparently injects a quality that is rare or absent in individuals. Each of us behaves better in the presence of those whom we love, and those who love us. The more people who serve each other, the greater the love, and the better the economics. Of course we must serve and protect people who we have never met. They are friends of friends of our friends. We also must serve and protect friends of friends of our children’s children who won’t be born till long after we are gone. The love will still be there. Economics is the secret of love, and love is the secret of economics.

Which came first? As in the mystery of the chicken and the egg, we don’t know. Love is the reason for economics. It is the nest where economics hatches.