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At the center of our humanity is one simple fact. Each of us is relatively incapable of helping ourselves. Other people make almost everything you need. You work for others. They work for you. All efforts. your’s and their’s, benefit our human family, or not. When the efforts are not beneficial, we need to figure out why, and fix the problem. Each article on this website attempts to point out hazards that demean our human family.

As it turns out, there are innumerable bureaucratic interests that are hiding the same knowledge that this site is uncovering. Plenty of effort is being expended to make you feel incapable of learning one simple fact. We care for others. They care for us. If that is not happening, there is something wrong that needs fixing. Somebody’s life, health, and happiness is being discarded. The unnecessary, tragic loss of life is a terrible outcome, caused by a dysfunctional human family.

The knowledge base maintained on this website is maintained for the purpose of eliminating that dysfunction. There is a superstitious idea that dysfunction is a naturally occurring human condition. Those who believe or tolerate this unsubstantiated nonsense can ethically achieve personal gain at the expense of the underserved, the under protected, and the misunderstood. Using this superstition, ethical treatment is conflated to apply only to the “upperclass,” those proven worthy by history, or by deed.

Poverty, depression, war, and injustice have entwined themselves in history for no rational reason. Not a person in our human family is better because of our dysfunction, but those who superstitiously believe they profit from injustice are afraid of curing it.

Bureaucracy is causing dysfunction in the human family. It is using superstitious propaganda to redirect effort from real facts as it casts blame on underserved, under protected people. Our efforts here are to repair the dysfunction. Humanity has the capability to be kind and competent, but it requires a group effort. Superstition divides the group into winners and losers. Only, in a dysfunctional family, there are no winners. There, the divisions are powerful and powerless, but even the powerful are unkind, incompetent, and untrustworthy.

We are better than that. We cannot allow our institutions to operate unkindly or incompetently. Our human family can protect itself from those who would divide it by allowing no division. We share an environment that cares for us, when we care for it. Each of us has an opportunity to care for our human environment,  and protect it. If you do not stop superstition from burning your neighbor’s house, can you reasonably expect them to stop it from burning your’s?


Much as Alchemy was a predecessor of modern Chemistry. Current philosophically based Economics is a predecessor of an emerging fact based discipline of Economics. Alchemy was driven by the desire to make gold from less precious minerals. The panacea of transmuting common metals into gold credited its practitioners with powers that they didn’t possess.

Economics was based on supernatural beliefs. Those beliefs proved themselves to be unsubstantial, but riding on superstitious public hysteria they redefined natural economics from a kind, efficient way of working together for public good to a competitive fight for survival. Often described as the “frigid calculus of economics”, economic leaders believe that they deserve the riches generated by public cooperation. They too have been credited with powers that, clearly, they don’t possess.

Natural economic forces return value for kind competence. That value must be economically reinvested to keep that value. Gold cannot be transmuted from other metals. Riches cannot be transmuted from humanity.


The term evolution is used to denote positive transformation that makes it possible to use environmental opportunity toward the service and protection of humanity. When economic opportunity decreases, economic devolution is occurring.

Poverty, injustice, and war are devolutionary indicators, that show the destruction of natural opportunity. Just as light creates the possibility for vision, diligence, cooperation and kindness create natural economic force, the possibility for economic evolution.

Natural possibilities evolve or devolve according to the economic environment. Natural opportunities started with Adam and Eve, and they will continue unless devolution swallows them. Economic opportunity is a product of human behavior which determines whether we evolve to avail our collective selves to natures opportunities. What is unique about economics is that people create the economic environment. Their lives are enriched by its evolution, or subdued by its devolution.

Nature provides light, a gift from God, the environmental quality that allows us to see. With economics humankind is uniquely bestowed with Godlike power to create or destroy economic environment. Nature does not create economic environment, only the opportunity.

There is a force in nature, an environmental opportunity that we have. Whether it serves us or betrays us depends on the choices we make. Biological evolution, and devolution are determined by forces beyond human control, but human beings create their economic future, or pay the price with incompetence and inhumanity.


ClearBiz Inc. is an on line educational organization that studies and promotes institutional clarity worldwide. The opaque bureaucratic architecture that history has given us, is broken. ClearBiz Inc. is collecting and disseminating credible data that previously has been impossible or difficult to obtain. Public organizations, and private citizens now have access to credible data that they can use for their education, for their protection, and for social and environmental betterment.

Groups have a role in serving and protecting each other. As  groups, they have abilities that are individually unattainable. They also have the ability to do harm that is difficult to stop. The groups’ abilities can be used kindly for the protection of humanity, or they can be misused for alternative purposes that are not aligned with the betterment of humanity. Groups must choose to use the naturally existing economic force to attain justice, competence, and dignity.

When the bond that links people together is broken, people have to protect themselves from each other, and protect themselves from the very groups that were formed to serve or protect them. Groups who trust and can be trusted are special as groups, and the totality of humanity is a group that needs our service and protection to establish and maintain a natural physical, and spiritual bond. The bond is with humankind, a natural economic bond that ties them to each other, to nature, and to God.

Groups who sever this bond are often bureaucracies. Their allegiance is not to the protection of mankind, and they expect mankind’s allegiance to be to them. They reward members for allegiance, and punish those who question their authority. Their mission is supremacy, and they rank humanity into categories from disfavored to highly favored. People  must work diligently to attain favor, and to avoid punishment. This bureaucratic economic impairment is a petri dish for injustice, and inhumanity. As it assaults our competence, and our kindness, it threatens our ability to survive.

There is a need to collect, analyze, and clarify statistical financial data and behavioral data that bureaucratic institutions are prone to conceal. This secrecy typically is a place to hide harm, and the dimensions of incompetence. Due diligence in this area will enhance service, cut cost, and garner trust. Ancient bureaucratic architecture manufactures the necessity for its own demise. The institutions, formed for the benefit of humanity, need the vision of outside eyes to prevent them from blindly following the destructive, cyclical, deadly path of prior history. We can avoid draining the humanity from our institutions. We can use them for the service, and protection of all humanity. The strong bond that we have as a people should be put to a better use than pulling the plug that forces us to follow ancient history down the drain. The bureaucratic precedent of grooming history for failure is destructive. It needs to be replaced.

Clearbiz was formed to protect people, all people. We believe that when people serve and protect each other both inside and outside of the institutions they form, (to do a better job) history will change. We care for, and protect this and coming generations. We are bonded together in the knowledge that somebody always has our backs, and they will remain vigilant to suppress the bureaucratic bigotry and greed that threatens us, and our world family.

The gifts of previous generations, the efforts of our generation, and the legacy we leave behind are tied to our humanity, not by bureaucracies, but by a natural economic force, a higher power that we must choose to use. Failing to choose to accept the power of that force is a mistake shone by the lessons of history to have dire consequences. Without it, dysfunction and despair is what we give our brothers and sisters. It is also what they give us.

The natural economic force is the key to our humanity. The mission of ClearBiz is to teach world citizens the importance of keeping the economic key to our humanity safe and accessible.

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