Economic Education

Academic Void

There is a subject that is so resistant to bureaucratic acceptance that academia treats it as if it does not exist. It is not taught at schools at the primary, intermediate, or secondary levels. It is currently not on the roster at colleges or universities. Without credible knowledge of this subject, knowledge about other subjects is often hidden, misconstrued, or diverted in a manner that disembowels the missions of the institutions that were organized to serve humanity. This subject embodies the structural reason for all knowledge. The subject is Natural Economics.

Natural Economics is the study of the positive force that is created when human beings serve and protect each other. Without this study, humanity cannot protect itself from war, injustice, and poverty. Without this study, academic institutions propagandize superstitious notions that cause people to behave in a manner that is unkind, incompetent, and socially destructive.

The principle of natural economics is that people do better when they care for each other, and when they protect each other. Using propaganda for political power and monetary gain appears to be the force that perpetuates history’s tragic cycle, and it contributes to the destruction of the human environment.

What harm could come from a course that studies the cause of war, injustice, poverty, environmental destruction, and the perpetuation of ignorance for the purpose of illegitimate power? Is it not in our best interest to protect all other people, and for them to protect us? Do we not have an obligation to those who came before us, and to those who will inhabit the planet when we are gone?

People have the ability to learn. There is no need to repeat the mistakes of previous generations. Also, it is unnecessary to leave our children a world governed by intimidation, superstition, and fear. The vigorous pursuit and distribution of natural economic knowledge will help us avoid harm. We are capable of distributing kindness and competence to this, and to coming generations.

As the skeleton to which all knowledge clings, Natural Economics is the study of avoiding harm, and applying benefit. You are your brothers and sisters keepers, and they support you. Observe, learn from others, and teach others. You are a pilgrim of the future. There is work to be done, superstitious dragons to tame. Everyone is welcome. You, as a student, and you as a teacher of this subject can guide us to a bright future, with a beacon of knowledge to pierce the fog of ignorance, calm the waves of superstition, and lead the tormented to the comfort of shelter. Your vision, your compassion, and your diligence gently bond knowledge to its natural economic frame, the skeleton for the body of knowledge that shows us how to serve and protect humanity, protect the human environment, and prepare for a satisfying present, and a peaceful future.

Beliefs are as individual as fingerprints. They are probably based on biologically inherited traits, health, religious affiliations, education, life experience, and perceptions. Knowledge is accepted or declined after being filtered through very personal belief systems, which are often stubbornly resistant to change.

The concepts of good and evil are beliefs. History has displayed innumerable acts of inhumanity by well-intentioned people. War, environmental devastation, impoverishment, and injustice have been and are being committed in the name of goodness, to conquer evil.

Personal beliefs are selfish. They control the path of individuals lives which are scripted to prove that their beliefs are accurate. The varying paths of individual lives have positive or negative impacts on the lives of others. Knowledge can add positive value to society, to humankind, and to each of us as individuals.

Knowledge is a special kind of belief. It can stand the scrutiny of testing. Truth is true in all cases. Testing truth is important because what is not true is false, and it is individually and socially degrading to truly believe what is truly false. Hiding what is true, or what is false is also degrading. Believing what is untrue is a matter of individually mistaken perception. Hiding truth is miseducation as is publishing falsehoods. Miseducation causes people to believe what is not true. Miseducation causes academic superstition that creates an academic void.

Economics is the study of how we serve and protect each other. It is a place where beliefs are tested for safety and truth, where knowledge is stored for our individual and social protection, and for our individual and social betterment.

Economics is natural environmental law. There are three kinds of law, humanly contrived, scientific, and natural. Humanly contrived economic law is a superstitious stab in the dark. There is no current study of economics that would satisfy specifications to identify economic theory as scientific law, and there is apparently no theory, other than here, that controls the variables closely enough to establish that study.

We are left with natural law. Natural law exists, whether it fits your pattern of beliefs or not. Our beliefs either encompass the essence of natural law, or we pay the consequences. Gravity is a scientific law, a natural law that we understand so well that we can identify it as truth. Every time you drop your fork it will fall. You have observed that so many times that if you drop something else you have a realistic idea of what will happen. The natural law of gravity governs what happens to things that fall.

Economic theory is what needs to be studied to establish scientific law, credible truth to to study, to learn, and to teach children. A theory needs identifiable peramiters. Economics includes human behavior across all generations and human environments. There are exactly two types of behavior economic and antinomic. Economic behavior, kindly and diligently serves and protects humans and humanity. Antinomic behavior includes behavior that is not motivated by kindness, and lacks due diligence.

The theory is based on the observations in history, and observations based on seventy-five years of living experience. I have noticed that people do better when they serve each other, and God, nature, or the greater good. I can think of no one capable of producing the things that they eat, need, want, or use. Cooperation for betterment produces a force that is necessary, and desirable. The favorable force works across generations and around the world. Antinomic behavior appears to destroy the benefits of economic force, it wastes or destroys resources, and it restricts the size and quality of the economic environment available to humanity.

A special type of accounting will be needed to validate economic activity. Genuine economic activity can be characterized by two distinct traits, kindness and competence. Economic accounting will search for and quantify those traits secondarily. Primarily it will ascertain that no harm is done.

In Clearbiz this economic accounting is referred to as KC accounting. Kindness and Competence are what makes economics economic. Economics is evolutionary. Its application makes a positive impact on humanity. Antinomic activity is devolutionary negatively impacting human environment.

KC accounting identifies individual economic behaviors so institutions can operate economically. Economic behavior is institutionally applied. Once ensconced in institutions antinomic behavior destroys civility. Injustice, poverty, war, despair, and depression are what fills the void left by economic environmental shrinkage. History’s tragic cycle has been both destructive, and unnecessary.

KC accounting is a tool that identifies and categorizes economic behavior for scientific observation, and practical application. Just as it would have been stupid for Newton to jump off a cliff because gravity was scientifically not regarded as law. It is stupid for people to use or condone antinomic behavior because of the huge impact of the negative consequences that will follow. This mean spirited stupidity has repeated itself throughout history. It appears as if it will continue to do so until we choose to eradicate it. is a window where standards of kindness, competence, safety, and justice are established to eliminate war, poverty, and injustice. The purpose of clearbiz is to change, what is called economics from a gambling arena that superstitiously values GDP as if its economic and antinomic costs were equally beneficial. Reality will act as a tool to increase the quality of our education. Additionally it will act as a shield that protects us from miseducation by clearly identifying its antinomic aspects as socially indefensible.

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