ClearBiz Inc. is an on line educational organization that studies and promotes institutional clarity worldwide. The opaque bureaucratic architecture that history has given us, is broken. ClearBiz Inc. is collecting and disseminating credible data that previously has been impossible or difficult to obtain. Public organizations, and private citizens now have access to credible data that they can use for their education, for their protection, and for social and environmental betterment.

Groups have a role in serving and protecting each other. As  groups, they have abilities that are individually unattainable. They also have the ability to do harm that is difficult to stop. The groups’ abilities can be used kindly for the protection of humanity, or they can be misused for alternative purposes that are not aligned with the betterment of humanity. Groups must choose to use the naturally existing economic force to attain justice, competence, and dignity.

When the bond that links people together is broken, people have to protect themselves from each other, and protect themselves from the very groups that were formed to serve or protect them. Groups who trust and can be trusted are special as groups, and the totality of humanity is a group that needs our service and protection to establish and maintain a natural physical, and spiritual bond. The bond is with humankind, a natural economic bond that ties them to each other, to nature, and to God.

Groups who sever this bond are often bureaucracies. Their allegiance is not to the protection of mankind, and they expect mankind’s allegiance to be to them. They reward members for allegiance, and punish those who question their authority. Their mission is supremacy, and they rank humanity into categories from disfavored to highly favored. People  must work diligently to attain favor, and to avoid punishment. This bureaucratic economic impairment is a petri dish for injustice, and inhumanity. As it assaults our competence, and our kindness, it threatens our ability to survive.

There is a need to collect, analyze, and clarify statistical financial data and behavioral data that bureaucratic institutions are prone to conceal. This secrecy typically is a place to hide harm, and the dimensions of incompetence. Due diligence in this area will enhance service, cut cost, and garner trust. Ancient bureaucratic architecture manufactures the necessity for its own demise. The institutions, formed for the benefit of humanity, need the vision of outside eyes to prevent them from blindly following the destructive, cyclical, deadly path of prior history. We can avoid draining the humanity from our institutions. We can use them for the service, and protection of all humanity. The strong bond that we have as a people should be put to a better use than pulling the plug that forces us to follow ancient history down the drain. The bureaucratic precedent of grooming history for failure is destructive. It needs to be replaced.

Clearbiz was formed to protect people, all people. We believe that when people serve and protect each other both inside and outside of the institutions they form, (to do a better job) history will change. We care for, and protect this and coming generations. We are bonded together in the knowledge that somebody always has our backs, and they will remain vigilant to suppress the bureaucratic bigotry and greed that threatens us, and our world family.

The gifts of previous generations, the efforts of our generation, and the legacy we leave behind are tied to our humanity, not by bureaucracies, but by a natural economic force, a higher power that we must choose to use. Failing to choose to accept the power of that force is a mistake shone by the lessons of history to have dire consequences. Without it, dysfunction and despair is what we give our brothers and sisters. It is also what they give us.

The natural economic force is the key to our humanity. The mission of ClearBiz is to teach world citizens the importance of keeping the economic key to our humanity safe and accessible.

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