Much as Alchemy was a predecessor of modern Chemistry. Current philosophically based Economics is a predecessor of an emerging fact based discipline of Economics. Alchemy was driven by the desire to make gold from less precious minerals. The panacea of transmuting common metals into gold credited its practitioners with powers that they didn’t possess.

Economics was based on supernatural beliefs. Those beliefs proved themselves to be unsubstantial, but riding on superstitious public hysteria they redefined natural economics from a kind, efficient way of working together for public good to a competitive fight for survival. Often described as the “frigid calculus of economics”, economic leaders believe that they deserve the riches generated by public cooperation. They too have been credited with powers that, clearly, they don’t possess.

Natural economic forces return value for kind competence. That value must be economically reinvested to keep that value. Gold cannot be transmuted from other metals. Riches cannot be transmuted from humanity.