After thousands of years, war, famine, and injustice still exist. The bureaucratic machines that were supposed to protect us, didn’t. We know why, and we can do something about it.

On the battlefield each soldier has a comrade’s back. The trust generated by this selfless act allows soldiers to focus on the task at hand, and the squad to emerge alive. The bond, generated by taking responsibility for other lives, and putting your own at risk to protect theirs, is unbreakable. A mother nurturing a child knows this bond, only if somebody has her back. The point is that, people who trust and can be trusted are special as individuals. Working for the benefit of others makes each life more secure and more purposeful.

Groups have a role in serving and protecting. As a group they have abilities that are individually unattainable. They also have the ability to do harm that is difficult to stop. The groups’ abilities can be used kindly for the protection of humanity, or they can be misused for alternative purposes that are not aligned with that of humanity. When the bond that links people together is broken people have to protect themselves from the very groups that were formed to protect them. Groups who trust and can be trusted are special as groups, bonded to humanity.

Groups that do not have this bond are often, perhaps usually, bureaucracies. Their allegiance is not to the protection of mankind, but they expect mankind’s allegiance to be to them, They reward members for allegiance, and punish those who question their authority. Their mission is supremacy, and they rank humanity into categories from disfavored to highly favored, all of whom must work feverishly to attain favor, and to avoid punishment.

There is a need to collect, analyze, and clarify statistical financial data that bureaucratic institutions are prone to conceal, a cover-up to hide inhumanity. Due diligence in this area will enhance service, cut cost, and garner trust. Ancient bureaucratic architecture manufactures reasons for its own demise. The institutions were formed for the benefit of humanity, and they need the vision of outside eyes to prevent them from blindly following the destructive, cyclical, deadly path of prior history. We can avoid draining the humanity from our institutions so we can use them for the service, and protection of all humanity. The strong bond that we have as a people should be put to a better use than pulling the plug that forces us to follow ancient history down the drain. The bureaucratic precedent of grooming history for failure is destructive. It needs to be replaced.

Economic success can only be measured by the lack of failure. ClearBiz is a window that provides no hiding place for unkindness or incompetence. It is a way we can see the obstacles that block the path to success. Removing them will allow us to finally alleviate the dysfunction in our human family.

Clearbiz was not formed to change history. It was formed to protect COWs, people, all people. (COWs are Citizens or Consumers; Owners, individual and public; and Workers.) We believe that when people serve and protect each other both inside and outside of the institutions they form (to do a better job) history will change. We care for, and protect this, and coming generations. We are bonded together in the knowledge that somebody always has our backs, and they will remain vigilant to suppress the bureaucratic bigotry and greed that threatens us, and our world family. The gifts of previous generations, the efforts of our generation, and the legacy we leave behind are tied to our humanity, not by bureaucracies, but by the natural existence of a universal economic force.

Clearbiz Inc. is a nonprofit Corporation introducing Clear Business Cells to reverse bureaucratic toxicity.